Adun  0.83
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Adun Documentation

This is version 0.83 of the Adun Documentation.

Adun is a platform for developing tools related to molecular simulation and also a molecular simulation program. See our home-page at

Note: This documentation is an eternal "work-in-progress". Although the code coverage is high i.e. most classes/functions etc. are documented in some way, the documentation may be sparse/out-of-date/difficult to understand in places. If you encounter any of these situations please contact us at or file a support request at

This documentation describes the main frameworks and libraries available. These are:

Adun also supplies the third-party MolTalk framework for parsing, querying and creating PDB files, which is not described here.

All the classes and functions provided these frameworks/libraries can be used by Adun plugins and controllers. In addition, Adun scripts can utilize all the frameworks (AdunKernel, FFML, MolTalk, ULFramework) but not AdunBase.

The classes that compose Adun's GUI are described in Interface.