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AdRemoteSimulationStorage Class Reference

#import <AdunRemoteSimulationStorage.h>

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Public Member Functions

(id) - initSimulationStorageAtLocation:mode:error:
(id) - initForReadingSimulationDataAtLocation:error:
(id) - initForReadingSimulationDataAtLocation:
- Public Member Functions inherited from
(NSURL *) - storagePath
(AdSimulationStorageMode- storageMode
(unsigned long long) - sizeOfStore
(BOOL) - isTemporary
(BOOL) - isAccessible
(NSError *) - accessError
(NSError *) - dataError
(unsigned int) - numberTrajectoryCheckpoints
(unsigned int) - numberTopologyCheckpoints
(NSData *) - trajectoryCheckpoint:
(NSData *) - topologyCheckpoint:
(NSData *) - energyData
(NSData *) - systemData
(NSData *) - frameData
(void) - update
- Public Member Functions inherited from
(void) - prepareForCheckpointRequestsWithRange:stepSize:
(void) - stopPreparingForCheckpointRequests

Static Public Member Functions

(BOOL) + storageExistsAtLocation:

Protected Attributes

AdSimulationStorageMode storageMode

Detailed Description

Class for managing reading remote simulation data over http

Member Function Documentation

- (id) initForReadingSimulationDataAtLocation: (NSURL*)  location

As initForReadingSimulationDataAtLocation:error: with anError equal to NULL

- (id) initForReadingSimulationDataAtLocation: (NSURL*)  location
error: (NSError**)  anError 

Creates a AdRemoteSimulationStorage instance that provides read only access to the simulation data at location location. See initSimulationStorageAtLocation:mode:error: for more.

- (id) initSimulationStorageAtLocation: (NSURL*)  location
mode: (AdSimulationStorageMode mode
error: (NSError**)  anError 

Designated initialiser. Creates a AdRemoteSimulationStorage instance for accessing the simulation data at location. mode can only be AdSimulationStorageReadMode If the stored data cannot be accessed or created upon return anError points to an NSError object describing the problem.

+ (BOOL) storageExistsAtLocation: (NSURL*)  location

Class method for checking if a valid store exists at location (which is a path to a directory)

Member Data Documentation

- (AdSimulationStorageMode) storageMode

Returns the storage mode.