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Public Member Functions
FFInteractionCollection Class Reference

#import <FFInteractionCollection.h>

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Public Member Functions

(NSString *) - collectionName
(FFInteractionType *) - interactionType
(unsigned int) - numberOfInteractions
(NSArray *) - interactions
(NSArray *) - interactionsForGroup:matchType:

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from FFParameterFileElement
(id) + nodeForElementName:children:attributes:
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from XMLNode
(id) + elementWithName:children:attributes:

Detailed Description

Contains a set of related FFInteraction objects of a certain type. e.g. all HarmonicBond interactions that are for lipids. Also provides methods for rapidly searching the FFInteraction instances it contains.

Member Function Documentation

- (NSString *) collectionName

Returns the name of this collection. This is a string describing the type of interactions it collects. e.g. lipids, amino-acids.

- (NSArray *) interactions

Returns an array of FFInteraction instances

- (NSArray *) interactionsForGroup: (NSArray*)  elements
matchType: (FFInteractionMatchType)  matchType 

Returns all the interactions in the receiver that match the group of elements defined by array. Use matchesPermutations (FFInteractionType) to check if the order of the elements in the group is important. For some interactions the order of the elements in array uniquely specifies an interaction.

elementsAn array of force-field atom names that define a group of interacting atoms
matchTypeControls how the match is performed. Passing FFNormalInteractionMatch returns only non-wildcard interactions while FFWildcardInteractionMatch returns only matching wildcard interactions. FFHierarchicalMatch search first for normal interactions, then if none are found returns matching wildcard interactions. FFCompleteInteractionMatch returns all matching interactions, wildcard or normal.
- (FFInteractionType *) interactionType

Returns the FFInteractionType instance describing the interactions the receiver contains

- (unsigned int) numberOfInteractions

Returns the number of interactions in the collection