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Public Member Functions
<AdMemento> Protocol Reference

#import <AdMemento.h>

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Public Member Functions

(int) - captureMask
(void) - setCaptureMask:
(void) - returnToState:
(id) - captureState
(BOOL) - validateMemento:

Detailed Description

The AdMemento protocol defines an interface for objects, whose state changes, to provide the ability to recreate themselves in a previous or later state.

Member Function Documentation

- (int) captureMask

Returns the current capture mask used by the object.

- (id) captureState

Returns an object that encapsulates the current state of the object. The type of the object can vary from class to class.

- (void) returnToState: (id)  stateMemento

Returns the reciever to the state encapsulated by stateMemento.

- (void) setCaptureMask: (int)  mask

Sets the mask that dictates what information the object will include in a memento. The available options depend on the particular object implementing the protocol. mask is a bitwise OR of the options.

- (BOOL) validateMemento: (id)  memento

Returns YES if the memento can be used with the object. NO otherwise.

Reimplemented in AdSystem.