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AuthenTec AES2501 Fingerprint Sensor Driver for Linux
an Open Source driver for the USB device
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The aim of the project is to provide a free (as free speech) driver for the AuthenTec AES2501 Fingerprint Sensor. This device is typically integrated into laptops (such as the Lenovo 3000 N100) and embedded devices.

The first step is to get a driver using a communication protocol without any binary data, ie. only with recognized instructions. Thus the sniffed data need to be understood. This will allow the final user to better handle his device. Extended control (like calibrating the finger detection) is also scheduled.

The second step is to let users be able to use the fingerprint reader for authenticating themselves, for instance with the BioAPI framework and the PAM system.


Jun 11 2007Project is up !

The project is now registered and the SVN repository initialized.
Let's work !


Subversion repository

There are two ways to access to the repositories of the driver. The first one consist on checking out over the SVN protocol (TCP 3690) with the following command:

svn co svn:// aes2501

For those who are under firewall constraints, it is possible to get the current version of the repositories using HTTP requests:

svn co aes2501

Note that a web interface allows to view the complete histories of any file as well as differences among two versions. Sources repository can be browsed here.

Daily snapshots

In addition, Gna! builds graciously daily snapshots of the current content of the repositories ; result is available here: aes2501-snapshot.tar.gz.


Internet Archive Wayback Machine*/

Description of the data format used in AuthenTec devices

Website of the BioAPI Consortium

VeriFinger Standard SDK (Linux Demo)

Useful links

The Linux Kernel Archives

Details for the device on Linux-USB device overview

Website of the vendor

Fingerprint Authentication

Interested developers may also have a look at the following links:

The User Mode Linux (UML) Kernel Home Page

James McMechan's patch for USB host controller UML Resources


A mailing list has been created to help in development.

The official IRC channel of the project is #aes2501 on OFTC.

For any questions, concerns, etc., please email Cyrille Bagard.