Älg - a photo workflow management software

If you own a digital camera, you certainly have a lot of photos on your hard-disk. There is a lot of things that one usually needs to do on these photos, from transfer to selection, editing and storage. The goal of Älg is to provide a single software from which to do all of these operations.

Of course, Älg does not aim (and couldn't anyway) at replacing all the excellent softwares that already perform a single task, like ufraw, The Gimp or exiftool, but rather provide an efficient way to use them.


It is important to realize that those are planned features which, for most of them, have not yet been implemented. See the ChangeLog to have an idea of where Älg currently is.

If you have ideas of features that would be useful, just contact us on alg-dev.


Tarballs are available from the download area.

Älg is also available in Gentoo's portage tree (as media-gfx/alg-0.0.1.ebuild) and will possibly go in Debian too.

The Älg project homepage gives access to most resources, including:

Many thanks to Gna! for all these resources.


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Please report any bug or wish on the project homepage or by mail to alg-user AT gna.org.

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