The Amaltheia Project
Amaltheia is a cross-platform game programming API that supports two backends, OpenGL and DirectX. The aim of the Amaltheia project is to create an intuitive and simple to use library, providing core 3d and 2d functionality in a platform independent manner. It also provides platform independence regarding basic network functions, input handling, threads and sound. Currently the GNU/Linux and the Windows OSes are supported.

Source code: amaltheia-0.1.0
(md5sum: 0fcdbb8723759f655dd83c16c828993b)

Developers library: amaltheia-0.1.0
(md5sum: 3acd63671f1d3d378b8caabbfee9e583)

If you want to use the latest unstable code, please use the SVN

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