AnimeLamp : Anime Database Manager


AnimeLamp is a free software which is set to help the management of an anime collection or database.
It lets you get data about Anime from the net, including titles, synopses, and durations, from famous anime web database like AnimeNfo or Animeka.
This soft use Java programming and can run on every platform where a JVM is available (You can get a JVM at Sun Web Site by downloading the JRE in the J2SE section).
This site still under revision sorry for all the errors.

It uses SWT through the XML/SWT framework created by Thomas Cataldo for the project DbmJUI. Linux/GTK2, Win32, and MacOS X(might not be stable) releases are provided. If you're running on a different platform, you need to download SWT separately from the eclipse website and might rebuild the application. Refer to the documentation section for more information.

To contact me write at : mehdi_dot_rande_at_tanaephis_dot_net (replace _dot_ by . and _at_ by @).


Web Aug 27 2008Alive?
Well once again a year after the previous news, here is some news.
Just to say that the project is currently being moved to GNA, source are already in the svn, just have to move release packages into the download area.
Even so it doesn't meen that the project is back to life, I'm thinking about it.
Wed Jan 03 2007And happy new year....
It's a new record! More than one year without any news! I'm quite proud of my self, it was hard but I've done it.... Not funny? Well ok... So after a long, long journey in a galaxy far, far away, I'm back. So Happy New Year (2006 and 2007 :p) and shall Animelamp be more wealthy this year than the past one. Here is a little release, to correct a bug with Animeka , this release is mainly the work of IllCommunication, many thanks to him for having made this patch available while I was not here. I'm currently working on the next major version of Animelamp, so the project is not dead (at least is alive again), see ya in 2008... just kidding (not funny again...), see you soon for the next release.
Fri Dec 09 2005Internet troubles, mails lost...
Hi there, well I had a lot of trouble with my internet connection and my dns during last week, so, due to the mail service downtime, I might have lost a lot of (maybe all) mail sent between the 29 November and the 9 December. So if you've send me a mail during this period, and didn't get any answer, please re-send it. Really sorry about that.
Tue Nov 15 2005Animelamp : Could not find the main class bug
Well my bad, Animelamp 0.1.4 was only compliant with the version 1.5.X of the jvm. So if you had trouble when launching Animelamp 0.1.4 (under windows something like : Could not find the main class, under linux : UnsupportedClassVersionError) please download the (or upgrade youre jvm) and please excuse me...
Thanks to David for his report on this matter
Sun Nov 13 2005Animelamp 0.1.4
Here it is! The 0.1.4 is out. So what's new? bug fix of course, with the japan chars support, fix a bug which make animelamp crash when an anime image was missing, and some other minor bugs. For the feature : Extended preferences, some export new option, a new html export design, stats, a feature which scan youre hard drive to find anime, and store them in animelamp (this feature will be improved in future release), and the ability to reorder the collection tree by anime properties. A pre-traduction in spanish is also available. That's it, enjoy.
I need someone to help for spanish traduction, if you're interrested please contact me. I also need an alpha tester for macOSX. I've also add an traduction files section in download if you wanna correct some misspelling.
Mon Oct 10 2005Next release delayed
I was planning to release the next version of Animelamp next week, but it might (well it will) be delayed. The Animeka team is going to make a new version of the site, so the Animelamp parser (which is a core element to get anime's data from Animeka anime database) will be deprecated. So the next release will come when the new version of Animeka site will be up. Sorry.
Fri Sep 23 2005Anonymous CVS
Well At last I've setup a anonymous CVS(well it's not me but the coldwire webmaster who have make it anonymous, thanks Thomas :) ). Animelamp CVS repository can be checked out through the user cvsanonymous (pserver). Here is the commands :
cvs login
Password is cvsanonymous.
cvs co Animelamp
Wed Sep 21 2005Dexia netbanking trouble hack
After hours of ugly tests I find a way to correct the mess made by Dexia netbanking application. So if you use this application, and have the Another instance of animelamp is already running go to your java home folder, find the classes folder, and then juste delete the org subfolder. It will not affect the netbanking application and will resolve the problem. I might add a specific exception for this problem in next release.
Thanks to ben for his good reporting and a lot of thanks to Patamou for his help on this matter
Tue Sep 20 2005Dexia netbanking application break Animelamp
The netbanking application of the Dexia bank make animelamp to throw the message Another instance of animelamp is already running at each startup. Well infact Dexia netbanking seems to break every java application which need to use hsqldb which is a quite famous sgbd. The reason why is that Dexia netbanking force the usage of it version of hsqldb (I don't know how but seems to be a pretty crappy pattern) regardless of the classpath. As result Animelamp which need hsqldb 1.7.2 to run is forced to use the netbanking version which is the 1.7.1 and so is unable to access to the anime database. I didn't find a way to correct that... The only way I find is to install a separated JVM to run Animelamp or any other application which use hsqldb 1.7.2. If someone have another solution please contact me it will be a great help...
Mon Sep 12 2005Animelamp v0.1.3 ReUpload
Some files was missing in the 0.1.3 (in particular the HTML template for the anime database export), so the 0.1.3 is reuploaded. Those who have already download it might want to re-download it. Sorry for the trouble :)
Sun Sep 11 2005Animelamp v0.1.3
Animelamp 0.1.3 is out. Late is better than never, AnimeNfo , a well known anime site, is added as a remote source, so now, Animelamp can take both english or french information about anime. The multi-language support is fully (well fully is quite a word, there's still a lot of mispelling) supported (french and english for now). Animelamp can import data from another animelamp (via a special export), but other import will be added (AMC, Hard drive scan if I can do it). A new image management will make easier to change the image of an anime, right click is now enabled on some part of the application, proxy support too (might not work with Animefo, cause it might required a socket proxy and not an http proxy). What's more... well lots of bug corrections, Oh! and a MacOS version... but might not be really stable... well I think that's it. Enjoy!
Special thanks to Kevin Lamothe from AnimeNfo for his help
Sat Aug 20 2005New Release : Animelamp v0.1.2-2
The bug of the path with space was back in Animelamp v0.1.2-1. So again a new release :). It might also correct a bug with the combobox (Screening , Kind ....) but I'm not sure cause I can't reproduce the bug. So I just made a fix but it might not correct the bug (the bug made the comboBox not being updated with the anime's values) . Some news about the 0.1.3.. well it's not far from completion. Missing the import, and some translation and that's it.
Wed Aug 17 2005New Release : Animelamp v0.1.2-1
Animelamp v0.1.2 was buggy... gomen... Each time the user switch in edition mode (to add or to edit a card) a error occured. And this bug might have caused the deletion of the file no_image.gif. So you might want to download the animelamp v0.1.2-1 which (only) correct that bug. After upgrading make sure that the file datas/images/no_image.gif exist. If not you can get it here. Thanks to Shacamus for his help.
Sat Jun 25 2005Animelamp v0.1.2
Yes! It's true, after numerous break, in the dev, I have finaly managed to release the 0.1.2... I'm shamefull (because of the news of the 22/11/2004) and proud to release it. The main features are the export (HTML,Text,CSV, others are coming), and episodes management. Many bugs correction and some cool other feature are also available.
Tue Jun 21 2005I'm alive!
But barely... Well sorry for the long long long time without any news or release... Did you miss me? Well just a little release to correct a problem with hentaï on Animeka , but stay tune the 0.1.2 is near!
Mon Nov 22 2004Still waiting...
Despite the fact that there is some criticals bugs in animelamp, i can't manage to find time to make a new release... Sorry for those who are waiting... Well I WILL release the 0.1.2 next week no matter what.
Wed Nov 10 2004Error in!!! might not run with some JVM!!! Might be with the 1.5 Don't really know why, but it seems that the LIBRARY_PATH definition must include the MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME now (make sense infact, but it worked fine until i changed my JVM). So for those who have some Unsatisfied link error on the mozilla library, replace the content of youre by :
export MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME=/usr/lib/mozilla-firefox #Or wherever youre mozilla lib path is set
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=`dirname $0`:$MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH java -jar animelamp.jar
This only concern Linux users.
Mon Oct 30 2004AnimeLamp v0.1.1
AnimeLamp 0.1.1 is out!(remind me something...) This version add an extended local search form (with all the field of an anime except synopsis and comment), the ability to manage (add, update, delete) the screenings, storages, genres, and kind, the ability to add and remove genre from an anime, it provide to a feature to update the anime card with remote information. The tree now display the number of card stored. But the most usefull feature are the accelerator keys (finaly!). It correct the bugs #2,#3,#4. Enjoy!
Mon Oct 18 2004The site is up
This site is finally up. Thanks to Thomas Bolon for the hosting of the site and the cvs. This site is hosted by Coldwire, a french communauty of developers.
Once again thanks to Olivier Boyer for his help with the design of the site.
Thu Oct 12 2004AnimeLamp v0.1.0
Animelamp v0.1.0 is out! This is the very first version of AnimeLamp. It still very basic but provides a local database for youre animes, with all the classical managment functions ( add, delete, edit, search... ). You can import data from the web too. Currently there is only one site configured, Animeka , which is a french one. But I will look for english sites and, maybe, other language too.
You can download it in the download section.