AnimeLamp : Anime Collection Manager

Bugs List

This bugs list is a resume of all the refferenced bugs.
The grey rows are already corrected in the CVS and are or will be fixed for the Release version (This page is not maintained anymore)
IdDescriptionSeveritySince VersionRelease
IdDescriptionSeveritySince VersionRelease
#1Lacking of control in the image drag & dropminor0.1.0
#2AnimeLamp crash if the distant site is downmajor0.
#3For Animeka : if the number of episodes of the anime is not a Number (naruto) AnimeLamp crash.minor0.
#4In search result (net and local) if dbl click on a white row, AnimeLamp crashnormal0.
#5In all numeric field if a string is entered the application crashnormal0.
#6The rate field can be set at more than 10normal0.
#7After editing a property (screening...) if you click on an empty row or simplt tape enter the application crash.critical0.
#8Encoding troubles with the data path : for example if animelamp is in a directory with é the application crash when searching the image of a cardcritical0.
#9On Linux only : if the application give you some Unsatified link due to some change in the LIBRARY_PATH definition changes in jre1.5 critical0.