AnimeLamp : Anime Collection Manager



Firstly download the tarball of youre OS (animelamp-win32-0.1.0.tar.gz for windows, animelamp-linux-0.1.0.tar.gz for linux).
Then you will need the JRE 1.4.2 or later, you can find it at
Animelamp also depends on a web browser, so you will need Windows Internet Explorer >= 5.0 or Mozilla >= 1.4 for GNU/Linux

Once the JRE installed, under Windows untar the tarball, an launch animelamp.bat.
Under Linux, edit the file and update the line
export MOZILLA_FIVE_HOME = /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox
to match with the path of mozilla on youre own pc. At last, launch :
or make the file executable
$>chmod +x
and launch it
$>./ .


To update youre version of animelamp, just download the new version, untar the tarball and then two solutions :

Sources usage




$ tar xvfz animelamp-<version>.tar.gz cd animelamp-<version> && ant dist
note: the 'ant' command is a script distributed with ant.


After building:
$ cd animelamp-<version> && java -jar dist/animelamp.jar
If you get something like a ClassNotFoundException, the problem is probably with the jdbc driver. Try editing the manifest in manifests/


|-- ChangeLog
|-- README : this file
|-- TODO
|-- build : classes are built in this dir
|-- dist : jar files are built in this dir
|-- lib : the swt so files
|-- manifests
|   `--
|-- ressources
|   |-- forms : xml forms used by the forms framework
|   |-- help : help files (unused right now)
|   |-- icons : icons for the swt version
|   `-- scripts : jython scripts used by the xml forms
|-- src : animelamp core classes.
|-- forms-lib-common : forms framework
`-- forms-lib-swt : SWT implementation of the forms framework