AnimeLamp : Anime Collection Manager

Road map

The road map is a non-exhaustive list of what might be implemented in the futur release.
The grey rows are already implemented in the CVS and are or will be in the Release version
Accelerator keys0.1.1
Possibility to update imported datas0.1.1
Add/Delete Genres from an anime0.1.1
Manage all the anime properties list( screening, storage...)0.1.1
Episodes management0.1.2
Consult a web card without importing it0.1.2
Import datas0.1.3
Add animenfo as remote web information source0.1.3
Multi language support0.1.3
Reorrer the tree the way you whant (by genre, screening..)0.1.4
Episode edition0.2.0
Anime language (vost, vo...)0.2.0
Sort the search results when clicking on table header0.2.X
RSS support0.2.X
Make natives binary0.X.X
Mutli select on the tree (with the ability to update or delete the selection)0.2.X
Borrowers management0.2.X
Ability to set different storage for an anime(exemple : Episodes 1->12 DVD, Episodes 13 -> Hard Drive)0.2.X