What’s Apt-Axel?

Apt-Axel is a bash script that mix the power of apt with the acceleration of axel.



Released Version 0.1 -- 03/06/2004


No documentation has been released yet.


About the Software
This software was created because I was in a common network where everybody use p2p software and the apt-get can't fight with 30 p2p clients, then I begin to use axel for download and apt-get only for install and finally I automatize this.
About the Authors
  • Jesús Espino García: The main developer of the apt-axel. If you want know more, visit the personal page http://gul.uc3m.es/~jespino/.
  • Lucas García: Second developer of apt-axel.
About the Web
This web site is a modification of blue-haze design of haran. This was taken from http://www.oswd.org