Automatic PKGBUILD

What is Automatic PKGBUILD?

Automatic Pkgbuild is a wizard, wich helps in writing PKGBUILD. It's capable to write a complete PKGBUILD with one command and even to compile a package from it. It uses sevaral options to accomlish this, but it's also capable to set resonable defaults

Why you did this?

Well... Just for play around with C :)

Ok, i wanna try it!

Whoa, you're brave :). Well, i'm almost sure that this shouldn't blow up your computer, but just in case: remeber that's released WHITOUT ANY WARRANTY :). Well, now that you've understand this point, here you the links for the source code:
svn co svn:// autopkgbuild

I hope that you'll Enjoy it. Anyway remember to mail me for any bug/featur request at ragnarok at email dot it.