What is Cameleon2 ?
Cameleon aims to become an integrated development environment for Objective-Caml, and eventually other languages. Its main features are:
  • graphical user interface,
  • easy access to and browsing of documentation,
  • various editors, according to customizable file types,
  • use of plug-ins to define new features,
  • highly customizable interface (menus, toolbar, keyboard shortcuts),
  • powerful editor with OCaml being the equivalent of Lisp in Emacs,

Cameleon comes with various tools and libraries which can be used to develop other OCaml applications; they are listed in the Tools and Libraries sections below.

A blog about latest news in Cameleon is available here.

General documentation

Check the FAQ.

Principles: The principles and concepts in Cameleon2: commands, views, ...

Reference documentation: HTML documentation of available modules and libraries.

Click here to add a search engine on cameleon refs in your web browser.

More documentation is yet to come...


Chamo: a powerful text editor.

DBForge: a tool to describe database schemas and generate OCaml code to access these databases.

OCamlcvs: a graphical interface to use CVS.

Report: a graphical designer of XML templates.

Topcameleon: a graphical interface for the OCaml toplevel.


Custop: a library to create LablGtk2 interfaces for toplevels.

Multiclip: a library to manage multi-contents clipboards.

Odiff: a small library to parse, print, display and merge differences in diff format.

Odot: a small library to parse and print Graphviz dot files.

Rss: a simple library to store and read RSS 2.0 files.

Tdl: a simple library to represent, store and read TODO lists in XML files.

Some screenshots
Here are some screenshots. More will come. As you can see, the main window is now just composed of a menu and some buttons. Most of the other windows are "views" on "ressources". There is also the same documentation browser as in the first Cameleon.

Various windowsTopcameleon, the graphical toplevelThe dependencies view on Cameleon2Report, the XML template designerChamo, an emacs-like file editor based on Gtk2


For information or problem, you can write to the Cameleon-list


Maxence Guesdon: Main developer.
Pierre-Yves Strub: Contributions on DBForge and author of Tmpl_engine.