General information

Cameleon2 is downloadable here.
You can also access the Subversion repository.

See the INSTALL file for installation procedure.

Check the FAQ about installation..

You can read the ChangeLog.

Latest release is 1.9.21 (2011-01-13).


  • Libraries Okey, Configwin, Gtksv_utils and gtk utilities (Gdir, Gmylist, Gmytree, Gstuff) are now in a different library out of Cameleon2: Lablgtk-extras (hosted on ocaml forge),
  • Library Config_file is now out of Cameleon2 and hosted on ocaml forge.

Do not hesitate to download the nightly snapshot of the subversion trunk, with more features and bug fixes:Nightly snapshot.


The following libraries are required to compile Cameleon:

make is also required for the compilation process.
Previous releases

1.9.20 (2010-06-17).

  • compatibility with OCaml 3.12.0,
  • new commands in ocaml-mode, using information from .annot files:
    • ocaml_expand_ext_idents which prompts the user to replace external identifiers by their fully qualitied identifier (except for Pervasives),
    • ocam_copy_type_annot which acts like display type annot but also copy the type to the clipboard. This is useful to add a value in a .mli,
    • ocaml_show_stack_calls to show the non-tail calls in the current buffer. This command is a switch: first call turn if on, next one turn it off. It is bound by default to Ctrl-Alt c (CA-c),
    • ocaml_jump_to_local_def to jump to the definition of an identifier of the current file,
    • ocaml_display_call_annot to display whether a call is tail-recursive (tail) or not (stack).
  • fix: do not create an empty file when opening a yet non-existing file,
  • fix: range selection in error-jumping,
  • more functions exported in Ed_mode_ocaml,
  • text outputs now use same style as other sourceviews,
  • expansion in sourceviews now uses a regular expression defined in the current mode of the sourceview. Expansion of identifiers can now depend on the kind of file which is edited.

1.9.19 (24 Sep 2009)

  • now use GtkSourceView 2.X.
  • new multi-clipboard view in Chamo (the view is called "multiclip"),
  • new Custop module, to create Gtk interface to toplevel programs,
  • new Ed_outputs module, to create a window with various tabs to display output of various commands,
  • ocamlbuild support in ocaml-mode (C-o C-c to activate the build command),
  • various things I don't remember of,
  • lots of minor fixes.

1.9.18 (02 Feb 2007)
Bug fixes and enhancements in Chamo.

1.9.17 (27 Nov 2006)
Bug fixes and enhancements in Chamo. Search, query-replace and completion are available in Chamo, with regular expressions based on PCRE.

1.9.16 (10 Oct 2006)
The chamo editor is included and usable in cameleon. Many fixes and enhancements.

1.9.15 (06 Oct 2006)
Cameleon now includes chamo, a powerful text editor with OCaml as scripting language.

1.9.13 (10 May 2006)
A new configuration process which uses an OCaml script to detect required tools and libraries. Fixes and enhancements.