Odot is a small OCaml library to parse and print Graphviz dot files. It comes with an additional module defining a Lablgtk2 box to display such graphs, and handle mouse clicks on nodes. This library is part of Cameleon2, but can be installed separately.

The documentation generated by OCamldoc can be browsed here.


Odot is distributed under the LGPL license.


2007-09-18 - Odot 0.6 (Download): Handle new form of bounding box of graphs.

2005-12-16 - Odot 0.5 (Download): Parse HTML ids, escaped newlines and #-lines; add some useful functions and documentation comments.

2005-12-15 - Odot 0.4 (Download): Add Odot.node_id function; improve usability of Odot_view.box class.

2005-12-12 - Odot 0.3 (Download): Parse case-unsensitive keywords, parse "+" (concatenate double-quoted ids).

2005-12-09 - Odot 0.2 (Download): Initial release.


Return the correct bad character when an error occurs while parsing.