Module Multiclip (.ml)

module Multiclip: sig .. end
Multi-contents clipboards. The Multiclip_gui module contains material to create graphical interface for these clipboards.

type multiclip 
val create_multiclip : ?abst_len:int -> unit -> multiclip
Create a multiclip.
abst_len : is the length of the abstract string displayed in the list.
val add : multiclip -> ?abs:string -> string -> unit
Add a string to the multiclip.
abs : can be used to force the abstract. By default, it is obtained by chopping the given string at the abstract length abst_len specified at the multiclip creation. It another element with the same abstract alreay exists, #1 is appended to the abstract, or #2 if #1 is already used and so on.
val elements : multiclip -> (string * string) list
The list of elements in the multiclip, as a list of pairs (abstract, string).
val remove : multiclip -> string -> unit
Remove an elements, by giving is abstract.

Storable multiclips

These multiclips can be stored to a file given at creation time.
type storable_multiclip 
val create_storable_multiclip : ?abst_len:int -> string -> storable_multiclip
create_storable_multiclip file creates a new multiclip, stored and read from the given file.
abst_len : is the same as in Multiclip.create_multiclip.
val read_multiclip : storable_multiclip -> unit
Reload the contents of the multiclip from its file.
val write_multiclip : storable_multiclip -> unit
Write the contents of the multiclip into its file.
val storable_get_multiclip : storable_multiclip -> multiclip
Get the raw multiclip.
val storable_get_file : storable_multiclip -> string
Get the file use by the given multiclip.