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Welcome to our documentation section of Combat of Death. This section is manually created for the developers of Combat of Death to understand what the functions do, and what they're used for, but if you're just interested how Combat of Death looks 'under the hood' you're ofcourse welcome too.
Note that this documentation isn't complete(there are still some functions and classes in the source that aren't documented), they probably will in the future.
We'de like to thank the creators of doxygen for creating doxygen, so that we can use it to generate our documentation and not write it ourselfs.


Step 1: Grap the source

You can download the source code using subversion( ) by executing the following command:
svn co svn:// combatofdeath

Step 2: Creating a makefile

We first need to create a project, you can do that by typing:
qmake -project
After that you need to generate a makefile
Add the following text to the end of LIBS = ... to your make file:
-lGLU -L/usr/local/lib -l3ds -lopenal
this will get the GLU libraries from the same place as the qt-library and the other x libraries, and it will get lib3ds and openal from /usr/local/lib

Step 3: Compiling the source

We're now at the fun part, just type:
to compile the source
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