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02.07.06 We are still working on it (if slowly). See updated repos below.
29.01.06 Conjure48 is now able to build s42.
18.01.06 Conjure becomes verbose, thanks to rotty's logging package.

About Conjure

Conjure is a make(1) replacement written in Scheme. Makefiles are substituted by Scheme scripts, which brings the power and expressivity of a high-level language to the stage. At the same time, a DSL tailored to describe software construction tasks allows non-programmers to write build scripts in a declarative way, while Scheme-savvy users can extend the system through modular, shareable libraries. More...


Currently, an initial version of Conjure is being developed in the context of the s48-worlds project, a PLaneT-like software repository for scheme48, which in turn builds upon s42, a collection of libraries and extensions, again, for scheme48.

Thus, this initial version of Conjure (conjure48) runs only on scheme48. But, since it relies on the Spells portability framework, we plan to eventually provide a Conjure implementation that runs in as many Scheme systems as Spells does.

See this page for a quick review of Conjure's relationship with Spells, s42, and s48-worlds.

Getting the code

The current pre-alpha code of s42 and conjure is browsable at the following site:

You can get the s42 code from either rotty's or jao's darcs repos:

The s42 README contains instructions to build the system (including conjure48). We currently support GNU/Linux and Mac OS X platforms.


You are welcome to join Conjure's developers and (future) users at our IRC channel (#conjure) on freenode.

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