a program for testing constraints in proteins

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06/03/12 New version 1.0.2: compatibility update with Bio++ 2.0.3. Makes new models and formats from Bio++ available to ConTest.


08/02/08 New version 1.0.1: compatibility update with Bio++ 1.5.


ConTest (Contstraint Testing) is a program to detect positions within a set of aligned protein sequences that are evolutionarily constrained. The program is command-line driven, and controlled via an option file. It is written in C++ using the Bio++ libraries.

Supplementary material for article submitted to JME

The triosephosphate isomerase data set, with scripts to re-run the program and result files is available here. The scripts are the original ones used in the article. If you rerun the analysis with later versions of ConTest, you will have to use the scripts distributed along with the version you are using instead. This is because the format of the output files may have changed since the original version (hopefully the results will be the same though ;) ).


ConTest is available under the CeCILL Open Source license on the Bio++ forge ", as source code, debian and rpm packages for 32 and 64 bit computers. windows executable are also provided. Older versions are available at


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