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cvsreport 0.3.5 - November 29 2003


CVSreport produces text or enhanced HTML activity reports from a local or remote CVS repository. It can be used to extract activity information from any time span, or to automatically generate reports and store/send them on commit events.

CVSreport can extract changesets from a CVS repository history. A changeset is a set of commit operations (addition, removal, modification) which happen along a single invocation of the cvs commit command. Used from client side, it produces a report starting from an arbitrary date from a simple working copy. On the server side, it can automatically generate reports and mail them upon commit.

Here is a sample output, in both formats :


The cvsreport (1) man page should cover it all, otherwise it's a bug.


The project home page features a support request manager, a bug tracker and a a patch tracker.

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