Eiffel Wrapper Libraries Collection

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  • 2007/01/07 -  - New website published
Eiffel Wrapper Libraries Collection goal is to provide Eiffel wrappers for many of the major libraries used in the Free Software.
It will support the GNU Eiffel compiler SmartEiffel.

The libraries that are currently actively wrapped:

  • FFMPEG a multimedia encoding/decoding library
  • Curl: A full featured HTTP client library
  • XMLRPC A lightweight RPC library based on XML and HTTP.

Eiffel Wrapper Libraries Collection (EWLC) wants to break the chicken-and-egg vicious circle that had hindered the spreading of Eiffel. Noboby is using Eiffel because there are no libraries and there are too few libraries because too few people is using Eiffel.

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