The fast 2D robot simulator

Stephane Magnenat, Markus Waibel, Antoine Beyeler


Enki is an open source robot simulator written in C++. It provides collision and limited physics support for robots evolving on a flat surface. On a contemporary desktop computer, Enki is able to simulate groups of robots hundred times faster than real-time.

Supported robots

This section presents the robots available in the standard distribution, alongside their supported features. Enki is extensible: users can add their own custom robots.

khepera image


  • IR sensors
  • Linear camera
  • Wheel encoders
s-bot image


  • Omnidirectional camera
  • Light ring
  • Simplified sound communication
alice image


  • IR sensors
  • IR communication
  • Linear camera
e-puck image


(in upcoming version 2.0)
  • IR sensors
  • Bluetooth communication
  • Linear camera
  • Scanner turret
  • Light ring
  • Wheel encoders


Enki is free software released under the GNU General Public License version 2. We ask the authors of any publication arising from research using this software to add a reference to it as explained in the documentation.


Version 1.0 is very outdated. For any serious work, please consider using the 2.0 available from our subversion repository (see below).


If you want to use or develop Enki, feel free to join the mailing lists.


Enki's development takes place on github (git hosting, issue tracker) and gna (mailing lists).

Report bugs

You can report bugs using github's issue tracker.

Projects using Enki

Enki can be used in the Webots mobile robots simulator to provide fast 2D.

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