Feed2Imap is an RSS/Atom feed aggregator. After Downloading feeds (over HTTP or HTTPS), it uploads them to a specified folder of an IMAP mail server or copies them to a local maildir. The user can then access the feeds using Mutt, Evolution, Mozilla Thunderbird or even a webmail.


Feed2Imap is an attempt to solve the problem most roaming users experience when trying to keep up with their feeds. Other solutions to this problem include :

Feed2Imap isn't the first project transforming feeds into emails. rss2mail (Perl), rss2email (Python) and Newspipe (Python) do this, but they send items as emails, so you spend a lot of time playing with procmail.


Of course, how it looks depends on your MUA !

reading feeds with evolution
Reading feeds with evolution

reading feeds with mutt
Reading feeds with mutt (yeah, some people do that!)


The lastest release is version 1.0.

Downloads are available on http://download.gna.org/feed2imap/.

New releases are advertised using this RSS feed.

There's also a Debian/Ubuntu package. Just apt-get install feed2imap.

Installation Instructions

Bug Reporting

Bug reports should go to this bug tracker. Please provide as much information as possible, including :


Mailing List

feed2imap-devel at gna dot org is a mailing list for development and general discussion.

(Sort of) Developer Documentation

Development takes place on the GNA project page. Source code lives on github. Clone using git clone git://github.com/ln/feed2imap.git.

The source code is quite easy to understand. Tasks are split into classes, themselves split into files :