A package for plotting sequences and trees with annotations


FigTools is a package that produces high quality plots of biological sequences and trees. It currently contains two programs:

  • SeqFig, for plotting sequences
  • TreeFig, for plotting trees

All programs run from the command line, parsing an option file following the Bio++ syntax (see the Bio++ project). Resulting plots are in vector graphic format, currently either XFig or SVG, and can be edited and converted to image with appropriate softare (see links).


Check this page for a few examples with their corresponding code.


Examples files provided with the source code and in the gallery section provide a basic description of available options. A reference manual can also be found here as [PDF] or [HTML].


April 18th 2008 First update and documentation

Several bug fixed and code update. The syntax was slightly changed: 'shapes' objects have been introduced. A manual was also created.

March 11th 2008 Website creation and project on Gna!

FigTools is in alpha stage, due to missing functionalities. It is however stable enough for a current use, and should soon be released in version 0.1. Only source code is available for now.

Download and install

Getting executable

Standalone executables will be available for several platforms here.

Compiling from sources

The source code of the last release can be downloaded from Gna! here. The last development version can also be downloaded from the subversion repository from the project website. If you downloaded the latest release archive, uncompress it with
tar xvzf FigTools-?.?.?.tar.gz
If you used the subversion repository, run the autogen.sh script to get the configuration files:
You need automake and autoconf to be installed.

To compile the programs, you need the Bio++ libraries to be installed, and the LDFLAGS and CPPFLAGS environment variables properly set up (see the Bio++ webpage for help)

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