The ForgePlucker project aims to produce tools to capture and back up project state from commonly used forge systems (open-source hosting sites). Bad architectural decisions in early forge systems have made their descendants into (unintentional) data jails; ForgePlucker will break our projects free.

Project documents

Project Home and Communications

The project is hosted at Gna!; to participate, you will need a Gna! signon and a Subversion client.

We have an IRC channel, #forgeplucker on Freenode. Developers and interested parties are encouraged to watch it.

There is a project mailing list,

You can track the project’s history on its Ohloh page.

How You Can Help

We are actively seeking interested developers. Ideally, each forge type should have an owner-advocate who takes the lead in ensuring that ForgePlucker’s handler module for that forge is complete and up to date. The FAQ should address your questions about the time and effort required.

We welcome cooperation from forge designers interested in better export/import tools for their systems. We intend to make that job easier by defining and maintaining a standard interchange format so you don’t have to.