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GCfilms won't be updated. Every new features or bug fixes will be implemented in the new project that replaces GCfilms: GCstar, personal collections manager .

This page gives you more information about the people who make GCfilms.

Active developers and contributers

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Project creator and maintainer, he is also the main developer.


One of the very first users, MeV made most of the plugins used to import information from websites. He is also involved in the application code itself.

Christophe Z

Christophe is mainly in charge of the HTML export plugin but works also on other parts of the code.

Adolfo González

Adolfo works on the Debian and Ubuntu integration of GCfilms. He also made some changes in code and is the maintainer for the spanish translation.

Jason Day

Jason is responsible for the english translation of GCfilms. But he also works on GCfilms ergonomics and compliance to standards.

Gabriel Meier

The official maintainer for the german translation.


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Logo et webdesign by le Spektre

Collective made of freelance designers, offering their know-how to non-lucrative entities and to human-size companies.

Previous contributers

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He made the first versions of the Debian package.


He made one of the HTML export template and also did some modifications in code.


He initiated the GCfilms inclusion into Mandriva contribs.

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Should you have a problem using GCfilms, you can submit a bug on Gna!.