GP2XMB is an alternative launcher for the GP2X, with the same visual layout as the Cross Media Bar.


Sunday, 2007-04-15
Things have been going quite slow for a couple of days. There is much work left to be done on the MP3 player, so if you have coding skills and are willing to help out please contact me (brorsson at [nospam]bsnet.se). The project is currently moving along in a decent pace, but at the same time there is a lot of features awaiting implementation. The community needs to sit down and discuss what course of action to take otherwise we risk implementing features that no one wants.


Latest package: gp2xmb-20070415.tar.gz or gp2xmb-20070415.zip

[System Update] is currently broken. Therefore, there is no gp2xmb.update file available for the newest release.

The GP2XMB launcher revision 08 update includes the following:


  • Changed the appearance op the popup-menu.
  • Some performance enchantments.
  • Changed the appearance of the loading spinner.
  • Made it harder to spot the gradient banding in the background.


  • Added an about text: [About GP2XMB], under [System Settings].
  • [USB Connection] should not corrupt the files anymore, but there is still one issue (see the notice bellow).


  • Made the photo browser threaded.


  • A popup-menu which allows for deletion of shortcuts has been added to [My Shortcuts].
  • The file system is not updated after an USB file transfer has completed. A solution is in the making.


Compile Dependencies

For compiling and trying out the software on your desktop you will need GCC 4.1.1. It should work with the 3.4.X series as well but it has not been tested.

To compile and run GP2XMB on your GP2X you will need the Oopo's DevKit (2006/05/25) which can be found here:

Getting a Copy of the SVN Repository

Checkout over SVN protocol (TCP 3690):
svn co svn://svn.gna.org/svn/gp2xmb/trunk gp2xmb

Checkout over http:
svn co http://svn.gna.org/svn/gp2xmb/trunk gp2xmb


  1. Unpack the binary release.
  2. Copy the directory gp2xmb from the unpacked directory (gp2xmb-DATE) to your SD Card.
  3. Insert the SD Card into your GP2X and launch GP2XMB from your current launcher.


GP2XMB is developed and maintained by Mikael Ganehag Brorsson <brorsson at [nospam]bsnet.se>