Migration to GitHub

This project has migrated to GitHub. All releases, starting with 3.0.0-rc1, and documentation updates will be made available there. This website will be allowed to remain for those looking for documentation for older releases.


The Gregorio project

The Gregorio project offers tools for the typesetting of Gregorian chant. These tools include:

The main work of the Gregorio project is the software program gregorio, which can manipulate files in gabc notation and convert them into OpusTeX, GregorioTeX, or GregorioXML files.

Together, these tools, added to a LaTeX installation, make it easy to typeset works of Gregorian chant and produce output in PDF or Postscript format, for printing or for incorporation into larger documents.

The gregorio project consists of 100% free software and it depends on no non-free software, so that everyone can use it without constraint and make improvements to it.

Last modification: 20 August 2015.


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