Migration to GitHub

This project has migrated to GitHub. All releases, starting with 3.0.0-rc1, and documentation updates will be made available there. This website will be allowed to remain for those looking for documentation for older releases.


About the Gregorio project

The Gregorio project was born in 2006 at TELECOM Bretagne, a graduate engineering school in France. It was at first a student project of six months duration, supervised by Mr Yannis Haralambous, developer of Omega. When the project was done, Élie Roux decided to continue the project and to develop it under GPL.

From the outset the goal of the project has been to create a graphical interface for the monks of the Abbey of Sainte Madeleine du Barroux so that they could use a gregorian font. This font, Gregoria, is a professional and commercially available OpenType font designed by Elena Albertoni, a typographer and graphic designer. Finally, due to licence issues, it was decided that the project will have its own font called gregorio.

At the end of the year 2006, a new developer, Olivier Berten, joined the project and created its OpusTeX component. By April 2007, Gregorio had reached a certain maturity and could start to be used, at least through its command line interface, as a preprocessor for OpusTeX. A project page was created on gna.org.

This site was set online in April 2007 with a design by Patrick Roux and it has since been corrected and improved by Nicolas Aupetit. Jérémie Corbier has been developing the autotools support and the modularization of the code, also since April 2007.

The development of the graphical interface and the modification of the code structure to use autotools and dynamic libraries has been the subject of my third year project in TELECOM Bretagne. Sadly, the graphical interface is not yet usable.

During a three-month internship starting april 2008 at the Monastero di San Benedetto, in Norcia (Italy), gregorio made considerable progress, The GregorioTeX style is now almost finished, and as a consequence, we've made progress in code stabilization. Gregorio is now close to a release.

During the months of October and November 2008, the development is focusing on stabilization for a release. The port to cygwin is working, and the website has been updated and improved. Website development has picked up lately, thanks to Richard Chonak who joined the project as a translator.

Information on future plans for the gregorio software is in the developer page.

The logo

The icon is part of a picture from a Gradual of the Premonstratensian order dated 1910. It represents King David. It is available in PNG (logo.png) or SVG (logo.svg) image format.

Icon of Gregorio

This icon is under double license: Creative Commons and GNU LGPL.

Last modification: 21 August 2015.


This document and the design of this site (by Patrick Roux) are under GPL.