Migration to GitHub

This project has migrated to GitHub. All releases, starting with 3.0.0-rc1, and documentation updates will be made available there. This website will be allowed to remain for those looking for documentation for older releases.



GregorioXML is an XML format making it possible to describe a gregorian chant score in full detail.


This notation was built by √Člie Roux after several interviews with a monk from the abbey of Sainte Madeleine du Barroux in France.

This standard, GregorioXML, can of course be improved, all the possible neumes may not have been taken into consideration. As it would be better if everyone used the same representation, if you want to improve or modify GregorioXML, please send a mail to the Gregorio developers.

XML schema

GregorioXML is described by a XML schema which is quite strict, so that everyone uses the same names inside the markups. The schema is not yet finished.

Global structure

GregorioXML is based on the structure of gregorian chant used by the Gregorio project.

For the moment, GregorioXML can only describe simple gregorian chant scores, not an entire book yet; that is expected in the future.

Precise description

The precise description of GregorioXML is described in the detailed description page.

Last modification: 29 November 2009.


This document and the design of this site (by Patrick Roux) are under GPL.