ImageApps - Getting the Picture

The project-page of ImageApps is at There you will find the project's source repository and mailing lists. If you want to contact the ImageApps developers, please use the contact informations provided at the project page.

Important: as of June, 2 2005 we're using Subversion. The old CVS repository is still available at gna but it's not used any more. If you want to get the sources from the repository, be sure to use the Subversion repository.


The goal of this project is to provide a set of tools, frameworks and applications based on the GNUstep framework


Preview (0.8.5) Simple image viewer
Vindaloo A PDF Reader. It is currently under active development. Vindaloo runs under Mac OS X and GNUstep. The OSX version that comes as a dmg-file does not require installation of PopplerKit. For GNUstep, you need to download and compile PopplerKit first.
ViewPDF ViewPDF is not maintained anymore. It is replaced by Vindaloo.
Camera (0.8) A simple tool to download photos from a digital camera (uses libgphoto)
SlideShow (0.3) a SlideShow Viewer
Pixen (0.1) port of the MacOSX pixel-art software [UNSTABLE].
You can find more information about Pixen as well as the latests sources at the Pixen homepage


PDFKit is not maintained any more. It is replaced by PopplerKit.
PopplerKit A Framework for accessing and rendering PDF content. It is based on the poppler library. PopplerKit is currently under active development. PopplerKit will work with Mac OS X and GNUstep.
CameraKit (20041011) a simple wrapper to libgphoto
SlideShowKit (20041011) a small kit to include slideshow in your application [UNSTABLE]