Gwine 0.10.3 is available. Documentation is now translated in German and French.
Gwine 0.10.2 is available. A few bugs are corrected.
Gwine now has got a documentation (menu Help/Contents or F1). This documentation is only available in english but I hope it will be translated in Czech, German and French for next release.
This release is dedicated to my daughter Clara, born on 2nd August.
Gwine 0.10.1 is available. Some bugs are corrected.
Gwine is now localized for Czech people. Thanks to Zdenek Hatas.
Gwine 0.10.0 is available. UI now uses libglade and so, UI will be easier to maintain. Internationalization of Gwine is now doing with gettext instead of Perl package Locale::Maketext. Due to these two changes, a big rewrite of UI callbacks had been done.
Gwine 0.9.2 is available. Add support for Gtk+ 2.6. GConf schemas are translated in german and french.
Gwine 0.9.1 is available. This release corrects a bad dependecy from Gnome2::Print.
Contact email is now GWINE -AT- FREE --DOT-- FR. Former email at (i)France is down (thanks to iFrance !).
Gwine 0.9.0 is available. This release corrects some bugs, and adds somme new little features.
Gwine is now translated in German. Thanks to Thomas Kappler.
Gwine 0.8.4 is available. This release corrects some minor bugs.
Gwine 0.8.3 is available. This release adds better Gnome integration.
Some bugs are corrected.
Gwine 0.8.2 is available. GConf is now correctly handled. Some bugs are corrected and some minor improvements are added.
Gwine 0.8.1 is out. Some bugs corrected. A debian package is available.
There was some errors in Makefile.PL in gwine 0.8.0. Text files as COPYING, README, INSTALL, etc.. were not installed. This is corrected in new package gwine-0.8.0-1.tar.gz.
A debian package may be downloaded for Gwine 0.8.0-1.
And, french appellation database is added on download page. I hope there will be others database soon.
Gwine 0.8.0 is released. Gwine now requires Gtk2-Perl 1.04 (for Gtk+ 2.4 support) and Gnome2-Perl 1.01 (for Gnome 2.6 support). Configuration is now managed with GConf (needs Gnome2-GConf-Perl 1.00). Some view are added, so now, you can view only wines (with all wines from all appellations) or only producers.
Gwine 0.7.2 is released. A cellar book is added to manage wine moves. Tree and lists are now sorted. Some bugs corrected.
New homepage is on line on Gna! server.


Gwine is a little application to manage your wine cellar. It is written in Perl and using Gnome.

With Gwine, you can:

Zones, appellations and their extensions are shown as a tree whereas wines and productors are listed, depending on selected node in tree.

Here you have some screenshots.

Contact: gwine -AT- free --DOT-- fr

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