5th Februar 2007

Huri Batash will be developed as part of a Master thesis for 7 months by André Espaze. The subject, as defined on the 5th February, can be found there. However the third part will change for finally using MBDyn.

1st September 2006

Concerning the aerodynamic calculations, Huri Batash is written by students in a wind energy Master. The BEM method was first done as an exercice with the Tjærborg turbine: for each blade section the lift and drag coefficients where given. For now making Huri Batash useful the lift and drag coefficients need to be calculated for a chosen profile. This task can be done by Xfoil , also distributed under the GPL license. For using it from Python, the work has already been started with f2py. While Huri Batash is still a demonstration, you can however have a look at the SVN and join us in the adventure.