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Introduction is an application that allow georeferencing an image. Georeferencing an image is the act of adding some properties to the image in order to manipulate it later in a cartography enabled application.

You also can read the manual (HTML, PDF).


News about can be found in different formats, following your interest.

The first one, more common is the Freshmeat project page. Following this source, you will be informed about each new release.

An other solution, more verbose, are the internal news. This source host all notable events of the project (beta, docs...).

The last one is the configuration system's mailing list. All commit logs are redirected to it. A good way to be informed about each little feature enhancement.

Downloading is distributed under the GPL (GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE).


Download from


Download from Gna download page.


Initially, is build around some FlightTrack sources.


For any submission, consider using the tracking system: (bug, patch). It accepts anonymous submission and permits all other users to be informed of what have been suggested yet.


Thanks to Gna! for hosting this project.

Thanks to FreshMeat site for hosting the news of this project.

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