JabberTest : Test Framework for Jabber Servers

JabberTest is a test framework for Jabber servers. Its goal is to check things such as :

Such tests enable the administrator :

JabberTest is written in Python using xmpppy and Twisted librairies.


No version has been released yet. However, you can get the Subversion version of JabberTest (which is quite stable) :

svn co http://svn.gna.org/svn/jabbertest/trunk jabbertest

Installation and configuration

You need to install the python-xmpp package (that's for Debian, I don't know about other distributions). Or can can download and install xmpppy. If you need help with that part, contact me.

Then, copy testdata.py.example to testdata.py, edit the testdata.py file, and create and configure accounts on the Jabber server(s) and gateways.

Then, run the tests with ./runall.py. If some tests fails, try to find out why.

Tests details

Nagios Integration

To run tests on a regular basis, you can use Nagios. See the nagios/ dir for an example nagios configuration. Of course, you will have to modify it.

Real world example
(Have you seen how some of my tests did actually succeed ?)


Contact info

Jabber ID : lucas@nussbaum.fr

Email : lucas AT lucas-nussbaum.net