KBibTeX is a BibTeX editor for KDE to edit bibliographies used with LaTeX. KBibTeX is released under the GNU Public License (GPL) version 2 or any later version.

Available Versions

  • The most recent stable release of KBibTeX for KDE 4 is 0.6.2, released on 2017-Mar-19.
  • The latest release for the previous stable branch is 0.5.2, released on 2015-Aug-09.
  • For the bleeding edge code, you may want to give the Git master version a try:
    git clone git://anongit.kde.org/kbibtex

See the Download & Installation page for instructions.

Support KBibTeX

There multiple ways how you can support KBibTeX, depending on your skills and interest:

User with only little technical skills
You can spread the word about KBibTeX. Tell your friends and colleagues how awesome KBibTeX is and how it can help them to manage bibliographies.
Users with some technical skills
You can work and test development versions both to enjoy new features and to find bugs. When you find bugs, write a bug report describing how to reproduce those bugs and provide test cases.
Users with little programming skills
Programing is no black magic. Improve the software by adding small things like tool tips. Your skills will grow with your contributions.
Users with more programming skills
You can start by digging through existing code. Once you have an idea how the code is structured, you can easily add new components such as import/export filters or new search engines.
Rich Philanthropist
Thanks to the generous support by Gna! and KDE, there are no direct costs in developing KBibTeX. However, if you insists on donating money, please send it to the KDE project or FSF France (who support Gna!).


KBibTeX is hosted by Gna!, offering a project page and download servers.


The development source code is available through KDE's Git infrastructure at KDE Projects or git clone git://anongit.kde.org/kbibtex. To search for bugs or report new ones, please go to KDE's official bug tracker.

Screenshot of KBibTeX on 2011-02-13

Screenshot of KBibTeX running on Windows 7

Screenshot of KBibTeX running on Mac OS X