Bug Reports & Feature Requests

Bugs on KBibTeX for KDE 4 are managed since early 2014 through KDE's bug tracker. Older bugs are still available in GNA's bug tracker.
Feature requests are handled using the bug tracking system, too. Please follow the instructions on the right for bug submissions even if you want to submit a feature request.

Bugs on KBibTeX for KDE 3 will no longer be handled as this old version is deprecated.

Searching Existing Bugs

Before submitting a new bug or feature request, please check first if your bug or feature request is not already reported. You can browse old bugs on Gna and new bugs at KDE to search for a bug or feature request similar to your problem.

You may want to leave a comment on an existing bug report if you have additional information or ideas to contribute.

Reporting New Bugs

Once you have verified that your bug or feature request is unique, you can submit a new bug.

Add to the bug report small example files or screenshots which demonstrate your problem.

To create useful reports on program crashes, it is strongly recommended that you follow the guidelines on KDE TechBase, especially the part on installing debug packages. Gentoo users are referred to the documentation on how to get meaningful backtraces in Gentoo as well.