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A Free and Open Source Strategy Game for KDE (Risk like)

KsirK is no more hosted here

KsirK is now part of the kdegames kde module. Its new homepage is now on the KDE website. There is also an entry in the KDE Wiki.
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KsirK is a computerized version of a well known strategy board game: Risk !

It is a game for KDE released under the GPL. In the current version, KsirK is a usable multi-player network-enabled game with a basic AI. Planned future versions will have a better AI and a lot more enhancements (see Status for details).

The goal of the game is simply to conquer the World... It is done by attacking your neighbors with your armies.

At the beginning of the game, countries are distributed to all the players. Each country contain one army (represented by an infantryman) at this moment. Each player has some armies to distribute to his countries. Note that five armies are represented by a cavalryman and 10 by a cannon.

On each turn, each player can attack his neighbours, eventually conquering one or more countries. At the end of each turn, some bonus armies are distributed to the players in function of the number of countries they own.

The winner is the player that conquered all the world !!

For more detail, read the Ksirk KDE Documentation.

[ Introduction ] [ Downloads ] [ Installation ] [ KsirK KDE Documentation ] [ Contacts ] [ Status ] [ Links ]
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