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Current status

In the current version (1.1), KsirK is a multi-player mono-machine game with a basic AI. It is also (mostly, some french translations are missing) internationalized in two languages (English and French). Planned future versions will be really network-enabled multi-playered with a better AI and a lot more enhancements.

For all parts of the development (programming, help, internationalizations, etc.), any help would be greatly appreciated. See the Contacts page.

I wrote that in 09/2002 : Note that I will soon start a new job and it's possible that I will not have a lot of time for KsirK in the near future. But trust that: the project only starts and it will not die quickly !

Now (01/05/2003), I pushlish a new version: KsirK is alive !!

Below, you will find the README, the ChangeLog and the TODO file of the KsirK distribution.



I started this game during 1995 (?) in order to learn C++ and Windows 95 programming. It was initialy named "Risk". I used a book about WinG, one of the first Microsoft attempts to give gaming abilities to Windows. But a lot of the examples of this book were in assembler, that I never learned :-( I used these routines but whithout being able to fully understand them. This first version never got an acceptable status.

Some time later I heard from Java and decided to learn it. So, I decided to convert Risk to JRisk. I obtained, if I remember well, a version that was running not so bad, but really slowly.That was due to the use of an early version of Java but also to a really uggly programming.

In the meantime, for my work, I learned Smalltalk (VisualWorks), THE OO language (try it, you really cannot experience higher OO programming pleasure ; I'm addict)and so discovered all the power of good OOP. I started also to use Linux and KDE. I wanted to learn KDE programming and so decided to convert back my lovely project to C++ ! KRisk was born ! But with my experience of Smalltalk and the APIs of QT and KDE, my work has been, I think, quite better.

At the time of 04/24/2002, some architectural problems due to this complex history remained, but it worked good and I think I could release a public version. I choosed to rename it in order to avoid copyright problems : welcome to KsirK !

Now, in early 2003, the evolution continue with a minimal AI (for artificial idiot as its decisions are choosen completly at random) and the themability of the world. This last point is a direct consequence of the improvements of the overall architecture of the game.

In parallel, the online tools linked to the game continue to improve: with the current version appear a mailing list and a CVS repository (See the Contacts and Download pages of the Web site) !


Please read INSTALL


Please read tooltips on buttons, the statusbars and the KsirK HTML manual




Sept. 8, 2002
New release of KsirK ! Version 0.9.1-2 is out. Please mail me if you have questions, suggestions, bug reports, etc. !! Or use the Guestbook...

The new version of ksirk (0.9.1-2) offers the following improvements:

New release of KsirK ! Version 0.9.1 is out. The new version of ksirk (0.9.1) presents some important improvements. The three first are usability enhancements. The three others are conception and programmation improvements:


Known Bugs:
Nearly all known bugs are corrected. 1.1 (= 1.0 with most points of 1.2 done) is released 01/05/2003
Before 1.0 version:
bugs correction.
Before 1.2 :
  1. comment the implementations ;
  2. [DONE] stop the timer when the windows looses the focus ;
  3. [DONE] implement basic AI ;
  4. [DONE] stop to use a graphic pool (archeologic artefact !), use separate images ;
  5. [DONE] flag to indicate the current player inside status bar. Remain to do: add all the updates ;
  6. translate the map... ;
  7. [DONE] allow sprites to navigate from Alaska to Siberie by the short link ;
  8. change the buttons disabling solution from toolbar hiding to "graying" ;
  9. [DONE]
    • change the gestion of "multiple-territories countries" : generalize it. Each country should be composed of a number of separated territories ; with a centralized gestion
    • by extension, use the "mask solution" for the map
Before 1.4 :
Before 2.0:
Middle to long term:

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