LaTeX Reference Manual - latexrefman

The current manual:

Goal and rationale

The goal is to update and amplify the long-existing LaTeX(2e) reference manual, which has been included in free TeX distributions for many years. It originated with George Greenwade, was updated for LaTeX 2.09 by Stephen Gilmore, and for LaTeX2e by Torsten Martinsen. None of these folks can continue work on the project, so I (Karl Berry) decided to restart it, initiating what I very much hope will be a collaborative effort.

The goal is not to replace the major books about LaTeX; that would not be realistic. What is feasible, I hope, is to summarize the features (commands, environments, options, etc.) of core LaTeX2e. This information is reasonably available from the free LaTeX sources and documentation, but is not so easy to access from there.

The manual is currently written in Texinfo. I like Texinfo, and want to keep it available in that form. However, I'm more than happy to accept new material in plain text, LaTeX, Docbook, or whatever (and I will integrate it into the Texinfo source).

Contributions wanted

Reading through the document will turn up plenty of desirable improvements. There is lots to do: not all the commands introduced in LaTeX2e are present yet, default values are often missing, etc. Searching for xx in the (sole) source file latex2e.texi will find some specific areas that need work.

Translations of the document are also very welcome. Thanks to Nacho Pacheco for the original Spanish translation, and Vincent Belaïche for updates to the Spanish and creating a French translation (among many other improvements).

Please email any material to (subscribe, archive). Any bug reports, suggestions, or discussion of whatever sort is also welcome there.

The other mailing list is (subscribe, archive). It gets a message for each commit to the Subversion repository (and no other traffic).

Thanks to for hosting this latexrefman project.

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