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Help from new members would be greatly appreciated!

The process would be to first read what we know about the iPods in the "Documents" and "Wiki" sections. Then to look at our "On Going Work" section and try to focus on one point. If you have questions or if you have got some ideas or results, go to the mailing-list, or the IRC channel (#linux4nano-dev on FreeNode) and tell us about it.

This project is hosted by Gna! (Gna! project page).


Most of our communication is done thanks to mailing list. As a consequence, if you want to contribute to this project, start by subscribe to the development mailing list. You are also encouraged to read mailing list archive.

IRC Channel

Channel #linux4nano-dev at FreeNode (


Hardware and/or money donations are welcome. Indeed, we are not funded for the hardware and the material we need to do this reverse. So, you can send us your broken iPods if is it a 2G, 3G, and futher (we are especially looking for 6G now).

We would like to thank our generous donors:

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