Welcome to iPod Nano Linux!

This is an open source venture into porting Linux onto the iPod Nano and all other iPod devices.

So far, a customized uClinux kernel has been successfully ported to several iPods by iPodLinux Project. Note that, others are also quite successful for other operating systems (e.g. Rockbox). A simple interface and additional applications/modules have been written too. Unfortunately, Apple has protected iPods firmware through encryption since the iPod Nano 2G.

Our goal is to discover, collect, synthesize and publish as much information as possible about the iPods protection scheme in order to boot other operating systems on it.

Note that we are planning to merge back with iPodLinux or Rockbox project when we will get enough information for booting on the protected iPods.

What's on this website ?

Most of our knowledge about the iPods that we have collected can be found in the "Documents" and the "Wiki" sections. However, our current concerns are listed in the "On Going Work" section. If you want to be more involved in this project take a tour of the "Help Us" section. And last but not least, you can learn about the project, its founders and its active members in the "About" section.

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