LV2 dynparam extension

lv2dynparam is a LV2 plugin interface extension that enables plugin parameters to appear and disappear (i.e. number of voices). It also allows nested grouping of parameters. Groups can be used for things like ADSR abstraction, i.e. group of 4 float parameters.

The extension consists of a header describing the extension interface and libraries, one for plugins and one for hosts, to expose functionality in more usable, from programmer point of view, interface.

The extension has been initially created to allow exposing the full functionality of the zynadd LV2 plugin (part of the zyn project) and to allow generic UI - provided by a host (zynjacku). The extension allows but does not requires generic UI. Plugin writters are free to provide custom UI for their plugin.

The extension should be suitable for all plugins that expose many and/or complex data types, like samplers, non-trivial synths, etc.

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