Canadian Meteorological Center

METRo: Model of the Environment and Temperature of Roads


METRo is the road weather forecast software of Environment Canada.

METRo is a program used on a operational basis since 1999 that together with the input of an atmospheric forecast, road composition and observations from a road weather station (RWIS), produces a local road forecast (temperature and road condition) for a 48-hour period, this in less than 2 seconds of computation time on a simple desktop computer. All the input and output of METRo are in XML format. Installation of the METRo program is relatively simple on a GNU/Linux system in less than a day.

By distributing METRo as free and open source software, Environment Canada will help the public, private and academic sectors by providing a model that can be used, studied, modified and improved. Under the leadership of Environment Canada, the development model of METRo will catalyze the expertise of these different participants and produce benefits for citizens of the world by providing better winter road forecasts.

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