What is MobMan?
MobMan is a GTK+ application that you can use to manage the contents of your mobile phone from your computer.
What can you do with it?
For the moment, supported features are:
  • Adding, editing and exporting of phonebook entries
  • Browsing, reading, deleting and exporting of received and sent messages
  • Writing new messages
What phone models does it support?
Development is being made on my Sony Ericsson K700i, but the program should work on all GSM phones, as it only uses standard GSM AT commands. It has currently been reported to work on the following phone models:
  • Sony Ericsson K700i
  • Sony Ericsson Z1010
What connection types does it support?
Connection type is not important, as long as it works as some kind of serial port. Actual serial cables and USB cables should work, as well as Bluetooth, using serial port emulation. Please refer to the INSTALL file in the distribution for some hints about the correct setup.
What languages does it support?
MobMan's messages are all written in English, but it features GNU gettext integration which means that it can be easily translated in other languages. So far I only translated it to Italian, but more languages will be supported as soon as someone volunteers to translate the application messages (See below).
What operating systems does it run on?
MobMan is developed under GNU/Linux, but aims at portability, so it should/will also compile under other Un*x flavours. A Windows version is also planned.
  • Main programmer: SukkoPera (enjoy.the.silence !
  • Web site: Sickk (sickk !
Wanna help?
I am currently looking for someone to design some icons for the program and for translators for other languages. If you think you can help, please write to me.