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News from the Monkey side

New website launched...

Today we've opened the gates of the new website for monkey bubble.

Long live the monkey.

Monkey Bubble 0.5.network_branch

Monkey Bubble 0.5.network_branch is an experimental version which try to improve network code.

Monkey Bubble 0.4.0

Monkey Bubble 0.4.0 is the long-awaited new release of the Bust'a'Move clone for Gnome. It is packed with several new features and makes even more fun.

Drastic Changes:

Significant Changes:

Technical Changes:

take a look closer... it breathes... it's alive !

It's been a month without news and you might not have guessed it, but the monkey is still full of life.

Laurent has been working hard on network code. It's not over yet but it's getting closer to it...
We are proud to present to you our new release, 0.1.9. It includes network development code (ie. immature code). It is mainly intended to be presented as a demo-bug-tracking version.

About the last release :

Please, test our network code and send remarks & bug reports to laurent.belmonte @ and help the monkey reach perfection (landing estimated in 2053 ;-)

News from the web site

Forgive me my father for I have sinned ;-).

I admit I have been leaving apart the web site news-feeding and the recover from work. Here is a list of changes I made today :

EarthQuake strikes MonkeyLand !

Our web hosting provider has been attacked and some machines compromised. We decided to migrate from the former tuxfamily to, here, . Note that the fact you're reading seems to confirm you know we moved the web site ;-)

As tuxfamily was also hosting our cvs, we had to move it and it is now available at

To end up with hosting troubles, you might have noticed the mailing list is not responding any more. Please consider it is disabled for the moment. We'll let you know as soon as it is up again (but prepare yourself for a re-inscription, as it will probably move from tuxfamily ...)

Laurent is at the moment and for one more week on holidays. He's working hard on the network game, but has no net connection so we cannot show you any new things. Please everybody, join your hands and have a thought for Laurent, lost in the deep huge numeric desert ...

Integration into gnome 2.6 has been refused. We keep on developping anyway !

Chinese new Year

Yesterday was the Chinese new year, Monkey year.
We all hope it will be the year for GNU/linux to invade all desktops all around the world, including monkey-bubble.

Proof that monkey-bubble is growing in popularity, even google promotes it.

The development is at the moment focused on network game, so be sure that by December of this year, we will play monkey-bubble all together, wherever we live (except for numeric deserts ;-).

today, two news...

... and a release ! 0.1.9 is out featuring:

As usual, if (when) you find bugs please report to Laurent.

It's monday, it's news day ;-)

CVS infos : section screenshots presents two new improvements actually available from the CVS : new bubble look and new 2 players background.

0.1.8 ... You wanted it, you got it !

After all those nice features added to cvs, it is time to launch into cyberspace the new monkey bubble release, 0.1.8.

New features summary :

Full ChangeLog can be viewed.

As the game sample is not repeated, we'd like to present to you a new contest for the monkey bubble players : you have to reach the higher level you can before the music stops !

As usual, if (when) you find bugs please report to Laurent

news from the cvs

cvs version now features music ! You get 2 different samples, one played while watching the splash, the other one during game.

However, the sample is not repeated for the moment :-/

new site and new page

The site now uses xml/xslt and is though much easier to manage. No difference should be seen from the visitor side, but the site's maintainer is much happier now.

A new page, presentation, now presents the game.

new year, new release 0.1.7 and new web site maintainer

new release, 0.1.6

new web site !

version 0.1.5