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network game

Network game with two players !
available in 0.3.2

1 player game with new bubbles inside

Live from the cvs : the new bubbles ! Making the difference between two colours, such as red and orange will now be easier.
Update : now available in 0.1.9

2 players game with new background

Live from the cvs : new 2-players background and new bubbles.
Update : now available in 0.1.9

1 player game with new background image

The new background that shipped with version 0.1.8. Now it really feels like playing in the jungle !

new splash screen

The splash screen that arrived in the 0.1.7.

stars falling as bubbles     pop

The watch-all-those-falling-stars eye candy that arrived in the 0.1.7 too.

one player game

Starting a new one player game.

two players game

Starting a new two players game.