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This site is no longer active. Please visit my new personal site (which includes the content of this old site): http://www.lesfleursdunormal.fr

Jean-Baptiste LAMY ("Jiba")

Contact: email: jibalamy -at- free -dot- fr

Current activities


I'm currently an academic teacher and researcher in medical informatics at the LIM&BIO laboratory (Bobigny, France). This thesis was entitled "Design and evaluation of visualisation methods for medical knowledge: design of a graphical language and application to drug knowledge", and was realized under the direction of Alain Venot.

Medical knowledge is more and more voluminous. During consultations, health professionals lack of time for refferring to this knowledge.

This is why we propose to improve the knowledge access with VCM, the graphical language for medical knowledge visualisation (Visualisation des Connaissances Médicales in French). This language represents with icons the main medical concepts (diseases, patient characteristics, drugs, tests,...). This icons can then be combined to create medical sentences. Finally, several visualisation interfaces can enrich the exixting medical texts with VCM icons.

During my PhD, I designed the VCM language using solid medical and cognitive bases, as well as the associated graphical interfaces. These tools have been applied to drug knowledge, in particular to the Summaries of Product Characteristics (SPCs), and then evaluated under controlled conditions.

Free Software

I have made several Free Software games (in chronological order: Arkanae, Slune, Balazar and Balazar Brothers), a 3D engine (Soya) as well as a tablature editor (Songwrite). These software are freely available on the OOmadness website (excepted Arkanae, no longer maintained but still available on the Internet). As I love simple and object oriented programming language, I was one of the first to develop games and 3D applications in these languages (Java and Python).

I am very active in the Nekeme Prod. association, which aims to develop and support Libre video games.

I am often present at Free Software conferences in France (such as LSM, Libre Software Meeting).


I have always a novel under writing, and I also write guitar song... but everything is in French, sorry!

Past activities

2001-2003: research on health smart home

During my pharmacy and master training period, I worked on the concept of "health smart home" at the AFIRM team of the TIMC-IMAG laboratory, at Grenoble (France), with Vincent Rialle.

My researches were focuses on the recognition and 3D visualization of scenarii. These scenarii were every-day-life situations or pathological behaviours. The scenarii were written during a period at Sherbrooke, Quebec, with Hélène Pigot.


Publications and communications

(If you search for these publications, ask them to me by email: jibalamy -at- free -dot- fr.

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