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EditObj 2 is a dialog box generator for Python objects ; it can work with Gtk2, Tk, Qt or Qtopia. It behaves similarly to a Java Bean editor, but is devoted to Python, and it features several improvements. In particular, EditObj2 can deal with tree structure in a very efficient way.

Well... actually EditObj2 is much more that just a dialog box generator. It is somehow a GUI toolkit per se... look at the examples directory to see how to use it for designing a configuration dialog box, a login window or a file manager !

EditObj 2 includes also a tree widget for Tkinter, an observation framework and a mutiple undo/redo framework.

EditObj 2 is a complete rewrite of EditObj 1, and, despite both have the same purpose, there is no compatibility between them.

EditObj 2 is entirely written in Python. EditObj is Free Software, under the GNU GPL. It has been tested with Python 2.5, although older version may work (or not).
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This is the very first release of EditObj 2.

It is a full rewrite of EditObj 1, and it now supports both Tk and Gtk 2.